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It can be extremely difficult to find a Massage Therapist who will respect your identity, your family, and your community. During these trying times, I want to focus on my commitment to providing safe and healing massage to any member of LGBTQ community. I want to make sure I use any preferred pronouns for someone’s identity, and treat each client with the upmost respect and curtsey. When we are working together, you are welcome to talk without judgment about your or your partners' gender identities or whatever you feel most comfortable with speaking about.


Info for Transgender and Gender-Queer persons, 

I believe strongly that positive touch can help us to heal painful disconnection from our bodies and remind us that our bodies can be a temple or playground to each of us. In this way, massage can be a important part of your transition, as a peaceful, relaxing experience where you can be your true self without judgment. In addition to emotional and mental benefits, massage can help to:

Ease muscular imbalances from binding and support deep breathing

facilitate your lymphatic system in processing supplemental hormones to reduce side-effects

Smooth and release scar tissue post-operatively (mastectomy, tracheal shave, facial reconstruction, etc.)


It is my goal to make sure each of my clients feels comfortable and safe during our appointments, regardless of your sexual orientation or gender identity.


DeAnn Holexa

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